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Do you want to arrange a great event in Ibiza? Allinibiza Solutions is the correct answer. Allinibiza is a global service agency based in Ibiza which operates with several services. In fact, we are professionals in villas rentalweddings on the island, boats rental, luxury car rental, security services and, finally, Ibiza event planner and accomodations.



If you are planning your vacations in the Mediterrean Sea and you want to celebrate your holidays with private events or party, Ibiza is the perfect place for unforgettable vacations. Its clear-waters beaches and its never-stopping nightlife make the island a place not to be missed. During the last decades, Ibiza has become the preferred destination for several and different visitors, who can spend their holidays enjoying the nights in the bars, partying in clubs or organizing private parties.



Thanks to our experience and competence, we offer our customers a wide range of proposals for Ibiza event planner, especially for those who are interested in event management in Ibiza. Allinibiza is a real professionals in the organization of parties, celebrations and private events, taking care of event planning in Ibiza at 360°. Our services start with the choose of the location: following your requests, we select the perfect setting of your event on boats, in villas or in premises. The following step of event management in Ibiza is the careful picking of catering, in order to satisfy our clients’ needs for high-quality food. In addition, we take care of DJs selections to ensure the best soundtrack for your event. Finally, we provide security services also, in order to ensure the perfect progression of the event.



Browse through our dedicated page, and discover all the prices for event planning in Ibiza by Allinibiza. Our agency offers two different packages to satisfy specific needs of customers. Find out more about Event Basic and Event Vip packs, and make sure of not losing the occasion to organize the best private event in Ibiza. If you need further information, contact us to request our event management in Ibiza by Allinibiza, one of the best Ibiza event planner.